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  • We believe we should have skin in the game and offer a 6-month money back guarantee on all our SEO campaigns
  • Our team is comprised of Local SEO masters that highlight your business and drive local traffic to your site
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  • AlphaMind’s Local SEO strategies are time proven, split tested and effective
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  • Dedicated account management ensures you’ll never be left in the dark.

Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on helping local businesses rank for their area. Local SEO is much different from a non-location specific SEO campaign. Additionally, local search results change more rapidly than any other type of search results.

Your local business requires local SEO to attract customers and clients. A tailored local SEO campaign will help customers find you instead of your competitors. You’ll boost your revenue, gain a reputation, and grow your business with a comprehensive local SEO campaign.

Our holistic internet marketing approach

As a full service SEO agency, our focus is results that equal a return on your investment (ROI) for business.

What separates I Think An Idea from other SEO companies is that our agency achieves success by implementing comprehensive strategies that are most effective for your specific business.

How we accomplish this...

We don’t believe “one size fits all”. Whether you are a boutique company, a nationwide restaurant chain, or a fortune 500 company, we create a professional SEO strategy that is unique to each and every client.

Our experts in social media, SEO, Web Design, PPC advertising, and other digital marketing sectors cultivate strategic ideas and implement the approved strategy to maximize your ROI.

While carrying out the execution plan that we create for your company to its fruition, we at I Think an Idea carefully monitor and tweak our recipe until we create the most successful, profitable, and effective formula.

While carefully supervising progress and analytics, we are not afraid to change course if necessary to achieve the results you desire.

Ultimately, our think tank produces out of the box, innovative, ever-evolving ideas that result in great progress and achievements for each company we have the pleasure of working with.

Learn How to Create a Winning Local SEO Strategy

The first step in your journey towards local SEO dominance is to claim your Google My Business page. Setup is straightforward; follow the onscreen directions to claim your business.

As you’re going through the process, you should include:

  • A long description of your business that is properly formatted and includes links to your website
  • The correct category for your business
  • As many photos as you possibly can
  • A local phone number
  • Your business address (the same address that’s on your website)
  • A high-resolution cover photo and profile photo
  • The times and days that you’re open
  • Real reviews from real customers

Citations and links are two separate, yet related, elements of local SEO. Local directories are an outstanding resource for acquiring citations.

A citation is any type of online reference to your business’s name, address, and phone number. It doesn’t even have to be linked to help boost your local SEO efforts. It’s important that all business citations that include your name, address, and phone number are consistently the same.

To find business listings and to earn citations, you’ll have to do some legwork on what’s available in your area. Here are a few resources to get you started:

  • AlphaMind Studios uses a combination of BrightLocal & Yext to build high-quality citations for our clients. However, services like WhiteSpark & Moz offer similar citation services.These are paid services, so be ready to invest.
  • Go through the Moz directory of citations and submit your site to the right directories.
  • Use a tool such as Open Site Explorer to research the citations earned by your competitors and copy them.
  • Setup a Google Alert for your competitors, then see if you can reach out to the same resource for a mention of your business.

Link building is an important aspect of both SEO and local SEO. However, local SEO requires a different approach. Your focus is to acquire relevant links from other local businesses that are related to your business. A few strategies for building links that are effective for local SEO are:

  • Head over to and seek out local events that are related to your industry. Find the website of the event organizer and ask if you can sponsor them. This might simply mean hosting a lunch. If they accept, you’ll get a link from their website and from their MeetUp group. Both of these links especially valuable for local SEO.
  • Craft a local resource out of publicly available data, then reach out to local media for coverage. You’ll earn quality links from their blogs and social media channels.
  • Host your own group and link to your own website from the event page. This will provide you with a quality link, especially as the event grows in popularity.
  • Reach out to local media and ask them to interview you. They’re always looking to cover local businesses, especially if you have a unique story or fresh take on your industry.
  • Apply for any local awards in your area. Many local magazines have rewards for local businesses.

Focus on becoming a local resource. A large part of Local SEO is relevance. In order to be seen as an authority in your local market you must:

  • Be involved in your community
  • Network with business leaders that may have influence over your potential customers
  • Share your knowledge with others

Local SEO and PR have a tremendous amount of crossover. Being involved and active in your community will help build a loyal audience that can quickly become brand evangelists.

AlphaMind Studios helps business large and small create winning local SEO strategies.

The amount and quality of your local reviews have a massive impact on your local search engine ranking, so it’s well worth your time to focus on acquiring them.

We don’t just mean focusing on Google Reviews (although they are important). You should also focus on acquiring reviews through Yelp (which is used by Apple Maps), Facebook, and any other review site that’s relevant to your industry. However, since you’re busy and have limited time, focus on Google Reviews first and the others later.

The best way to begin acquiring reviews is to contact your existing customer base (through an email newsletter or social media post) and simply ask them to leave a review specifying where you’d like them to leave it.

After you’ve contacted existing customers, consider creating a page on your website that directly asks visitors for a review. Add that page to your main menu. On top of asking for a review, provide step-by-step instructions for leaving a review on Google Maps and Yelp.

Here are a few more ways to solicit local reviews and testimonials:

  • Put links to your review page in your email signature. You likely send out emails all day long, so why not include a link to your review page? You’ll prompt business partners and customers to leave a review.
  • Add your review page to your business cards. Consider ordering cards that contain a link ( to your review page
  • Simply Ask! Many of the most-reviewed businesses acquired so many reviews by simply asking for them. You can hang up a sign that says ‘Please Review Us On Google Maps and Yelps’ in a location that people see as they exit your building.

Influencers are people with authority in a specific industry. Over time, they have proven themselves as a credible source of information. Having an influencer discuss your business can do wonders for your revenue as well as your local SEO. To earn these outstanding benefits, you’ll have to put in the legwork to find and build relationships with local influencers.

How do you find a local influencer? Your first step is to learn how to identify one. A local influencer has:

  • Experience in your industry
  • An updated blog with high-quality content
  • Connections with local press
  • A large number of real followers on social media

Now that you know how to identify one, how do you find them? Here’s how:

  • Visit local networking events.This is an ideal method for meeting people who are connected and knowledgeable about your industry. You may meet influencers directly, or you may hear other people talking about them.
  • Participate in local social networks.Facebook Groups are an ideal way to connect with others in your area, especially influencers. Anyone who runs a popular Facebook Group is already an influencer of sorts.
  • Ask regular customers in person.Ask your customers if they know any local influencers in your area. Instead of saying influencers, you can ask them if they follow anybody on social media that influences their buying decisions.

Create a list of local influencers, and then reach out to them. Think about it like dating. You don’t go right for the marriage proposal (asking them to link to your business or share your social media posts). Instead, ask them a pointed question that starts a conversation. Over time, allow a relationship to grow naturally. They may start helping your business without you having to ask. Of course, you can certainly ask for some support once a relationship has developed.


Your name, address, and phone number are vital aspects of your local business. They must appear exactly the same consistently throughout your website, social media accounts, Google My Business account, directories, and anywhere else that contains your address.

Use data markup on your name, address, and phone number to provide search engines with everything they need to properly display your information. This is specialized code, so it may be confusing. We are here to help with that!

Another type of coding that will benefit your local SEO efforts is JSON-LD. This lightweight linked data format is ideal for formatting data, such as your name, address, and phone number. It can also be used to format your business hours, geolocation, and social media profiles. JSON-LD can be complex, but if you work with a developer, ask them to use JSON-LD to format your data.

Both Schema and JSON-LD create rich snippets that will allow search engines to easily acquire your vital business statistics.

AlphaMind Studio’s Local marketing strategies give you visibility in your community. They will build brand awareness, credibility and convert into revenue opportunities.